My maternal grandmother was born on the 14th of November 1956 and like my parents, in Belo Horizonte. She is the second oldest of twelve siblings so she had to be very responsible and independent. Her favourite hobbies as a child were playing with her siblings and cooking in small toy containers. Since she can remember, she had a television and a radio as her father loved technology. She heard about both local and world news using these devices. Her earliest memory was when she was three years old with her grandparents. Her grandmother baked and cooked many things she loved and spent much time with her. Her parents and grandparents were always very loving and kind. Her mother took care of the house and her many siblings. Her father was a biology teacher and worked long hours. During the weekends her parents and siblings made homemade kites and hiked mountains to play with them. Her family always loved cooking and having picnics. She said her parents, alongside of her religion (Catholicism) were responsible for building her values and character.